… and then there were six.

We recently received an email from a gentleman saying he had recently been to visit a man with a Deemster.

It is nestling in a garage somewhere in UK but would not divulge its whereabouts.

A picture of the car taken in the 1950s

He has owned it since 1945.

This is the text of his message….

I had the pleasure to see a 1920 Deemster in a guys garage
all sheeted over and is in almost showroom condition! he last had it on
the road 2 years ago but he cannot drive too well now as he is elderley.
I had never heard of one before and was intrigued. He also said he
believes it’s the last one left.

” … all sheeted over.”

We shall endeavour to persuade our correspondent to reveal the identity of the owner.

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