The Stelvio Pass. 🗺


The Stelvio Pass is the second highest road pass in Europe ( 2.757 m ) and since being built in 1820 it has seen fierce WW1 battles fought in the ice and snow but more recently, petrol heads have come to recognise it as the “greatest driving road in the world”.

Hamish Ogston is just such a petrol head and mounted an expedition with friends to drive up the Stelvio Pass in vintage cars. His Type 55 Bugatti performed faultlessly at all altitudes, helped no doubt by the supercharger, and sounded glorius as the exhaust note bounced off the high Alpine rock formations.  Hugh’s Type 35 sounded even better with its blown Grand Prix engine.

Hamish flung open the doors of his motor house and added his Low Chassis Invicta and Frazer Nash Deemster to the adventure whils Jo brought along his Frazer Nash Super Sports to the mix.  The Invicta suffered a little from overheating and the Frazer Nash Deemster spluttered with the increasing altitude – but they all got to the top!

Fred and Oli brought their beloved motorcycles and captured images and videos, some of which are seen below and some still being edited.

See video HERE.  

And this video shows local residents.

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